Fighting Disinfo Together

Disinfo Hub

The Disinfo Hub grew from a simple idea: to list and link all the people, companies and organisations which are working to counter disinformation.

We wanted to do this to make it easier for these organisations to connect, share and collaborate on projects and services, and to give greater transparency to their work.

Disinformation is often highly organised and uses sophisticated tools and technologies. So, the fightback spans many areas and requires many different skills. The Disinfo Hub brings them all together in one place.

Initially focussed on Ukraine, the platform has helped to create a closer sense of community as we have organise DisinfoHub events and workshops and promote these via the platform.

Share & Connect

The core of the Disinfo Hub is a business listing engine. Users and site visitors can use this to find and connect with disinfo-related organisation, projects and services, or they can list their own.

The database is grouped into browsable categories, or visitors can use the search feature or map to locate the information they need.

Organisations that want to stand-out and get noticed can purchase premium listings and the money raised is used to organise training events and seminars in Kyiv.

  • Basic listings are 100% free
  • Using the site is 100% free
  • Premium listings give organisations more visibility

Seek Advice, Deliver Results

The Disinfo Hub connects people in a number of different ways. Firstly, by making it easy to contact business owners and service providers. Secondly by organising events, workshops and seminars where the disinfo community can meet, learn and share ideas face-to-face.



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